Http:// Not reacheable

I am using a Free account for now. But from few days, I am unable to access my mail
This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

Is this because I only have mails on this domain?
I need some guidance because Im expecting some important mails.

The Host Is Suffering Errors And those are the symptoms of what is happening or I think so. I do not know, Wait for the Admin to Answer Something.

The email system has been extremely unreliable for over half a year. Which is why this topic is still pinned to the top:

I’m not sure this issue will be fixed very soon. So for now, consider the email accounts and forwarders to be a non-feature, and use another provider to host your email.

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But that’s strange that I’m experiencing this thing from 5 days ago before that it was working perfectly fine.
I was expecting some important mails the day it went off. So that’s the point now, If I go to any other provider I don’t think that I will receive the mails which had already been delivered.

A properly configured mail server should not discard messages if the destination is temporarily unreachable. It should retry it for a few times. But the mail server was down for a long time, so the messages may have been discarded. The sender might have more information about whether the message was delivered or not.

But whatever is the case, nobody can retroactively bring a server back online. All I can recommend is to temporarily move your email somewhere else so you won’t miss any more important emails.

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