Http 1.1


I’m just wondering if there’s anyway I can use http 1.1 protocol?

If I am correct, the browser uses HTTP/1.1 over HTTP connections. You can also put into your .htaccess to use HTTP/1.1.

But why do you want to? HTTP/2 has many more benefits.


Yes, our servers support HTTP/1.1. However, your browser will likely switch to HTTP/2 by default because it’s faster.

Also, in general, if you’re wondering “is X supported”: just try it! If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t.

And if something is not working, can you please explain exactly what the problem is, instead of asking about a something you believe is causing it (but isn’t).


sorry as english is not my first language so im having trouble with saying what my problem is. It seems I’m having trouble using PUT and Delete method


Our servers only accept the GET and POST methods. Browsers only use those for regular page requests, and since our hosting is intended for websites, not REST APIs, it’s enough.

Our client area works around this by having some forms include a _method parameter that’s set to PUT or DELETE that’s translated under to hood to the right action.


oh thanks for clarifications

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