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I am having issues where my website pages are not loading correctly. my about page, located at (itsjessnetworks. com/about-us.html) is not loading the correct content & page alignment is off. Some pages just won’t load.
I have used an HTML website builder to create the page.

I have used Mobirise 4. I have contacted their support department and have not yet received a reply. If I need to be contacted, I may be reached at jmhadaller@itsjessnetworks. com or webservices@itsjessnetworks. com.

Jessie Hadaller
CEO / Owner, iTs Jess Networks
+1 204 406 5854 | jmhadaller@itsjessnetworks. com

It seems there are syntax errors

  • Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’

Can you show us the source code of that page? ^^^

If you don’t have coding knowledge you can use wordpress

Your Files (image/font) are missing, make sure to upload them.


Hi, I see that you’re looking at the homepage. I have pasted the code into a google doc. accessible from the following google drive folder.

If you need, I can post the source code for the rest of my webpages as well.

Jessie Hadaller
CEO / Owner, iTs Jess Networks
+1 204 406 5854 | jmhadaller@itsjessnetworks. com

It seems your website is working now!

Hmmm that seems strange… Wonder if an admin could take a look.

This is strange when the asset file does not exist
In the console. It should says

  • 404 Not found

Hm. I will need to check my asset files. Do you know where the asset file was located?

Use file manager in the client area

htdocs → assets

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All of my assets are there. if you go to “IJN Domain”/ assets you should be able to view all of the directories. All of the asset files are there from my end.
It also wont let me post the full link.

hmmm. all of my posts have gotten flagged for “spam”???

How about this

Yes. That’s what I was trying to say. Apparently all of my “posts” are “spam”… I’m not sure why.


You can’t ping admin like that!!

Why not?

Because admin will not get ping-ed

Ok, how can I get this escalated?

I think your website is working now


Please close this topic

Because posting your links multiple times will trigger security system. I’ve unflagged your posts