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I am making a streaming site is it possible to have one windows for video player which can play multiple video like different episodes on one video player window

You can't host a video streaming here on free hosting.


not a big streaming service but a small service for freinds

It doesn’t change what your using it for, It’s a no go, No matter what.

everyone is telling no but no one is telling why

Because video streaming sites use an incredible amount of bandwidth even if you use it for a few friends, they are also very heavy in storage.

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see how much storage it is taking

It will only be updated-every end of the day.

Also, if you make a streaming small service for friends, make it sure that it is your videos and not a torrent or like you get it from other sources without a permission (Animes, Movies etc.)

It is not up to me to decide, and there is no changing IFastNet’s Policy.

Don’t bother pleading your case, listen to @katufo and get that it is a no

Ok thanks
sorry for bothering

We’re just trying to help you because if you will still insist, your domain or account will get suspend. Sorry and Thanks!


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