HTML files disappear from filezilla upload

epiz_31484232 &

|Error:|Could not read from socket: ECONNABORTED - Connection aborted|
|Error:|Disconnected from server|

Here is the main problem I am having, I have changed the nameservers over to infinityfree on the control panel, everything seemed to work fine until I got to filezilla. When I go to upload an .HTML or even a .HTM file to filezilla to the selected domain or even subdomain it uploads sits there for a second and blips out, leaving me with a 404page error. I am using an index.html file to have it show up, but it continues to disappear. It only takes other files like image files and various other files but not .html files.
Usually I don’t have a problem, but recently it got weird.

How large is your html file?

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The file for my index.html is 9 KB.


I uploaded all the files to htdocs and tried again, same issue. It pops up for a second then drops off.

Can you upload the file to a file sharing service like Google Drive or Box and share the link here? Be sure to mark the file as public.


I can upload it here if you want.

I uploaded your index.html here and it seems to be fine

ive ran several checks using various tools but they all report that your name servers are not setup, please check that your ns records are set to and


I think I got it. Thank you all so much. You helped me out so much. I appreciate your time.


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