Html file not appearing

Hi all,

I’m trying to redo a part of my website called ‘my-writing.html’ (my folio/CV). The doc is very clearly called my-writing.html in the htdocs file directory, alongside all the other html files (e.g. index.html) which should link to the my-writing page.

The links don’t work. I’ve also tried manually typing the url ‘’ and, in both cases, the Error: 4040 Page Not Found message appears.

The html file (and linked css file) both work fine on where I’ve been drafting them.

Any thoughts?

Thank you so much in advance~! (Also, just a forewarning, my website is hella basic, I’m only just learning to code.)

Error message: 404 Page Not Found

Website url : (my personal website)

Pics of the InfinityFree backend:

It’s working fine here, I use my android chrome incognito mode.

Voiceworks Magazine Upcoming

Try to clear your browser caches and revisit the link again.


Brilliant, thank you so much, I’ll give it a go!

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It worked, thank you so much! Sorry I’m such a big noob that I had to be told this in a forum haha :sweat_smile:
Ty amazing forum hero/es !

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We’re always here and we’re glad to help!

Always comeback if you face a problem!

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