.html file is uploaded - can't view it


(website for Kollage Space on my account)

404 Page Not Found

I can’t view the HTML file that is already uploaded to the server. I have a redirect in my .htaccess that takes off the .HTML from each HTML file when you are looking it up. I also have an HTTPS redirect. Am I doing anything wrong?

Umm,Welcome to the community,

Chat scripts are not allowed in Infinityfree…

And Filesharing and file uploading is not allowed in IF


We prohibit chat scripts being hosted here, so the servers are configured to block files and folders named chat.


Ok. That makes sense. I am, however, not actually using InfinityFree’s MySql server. So why are file upload and chat scripts not welcome? Thanks for the quick response.

Yep,it is banned

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So how does your chat system work? Do the chat messages travel through our server at all? Because if so, the Javascript polling is still generating a ton of web/PHP traffic to check for new messages, which strains the servers, even if the messages aren’t read from our database servers.

We banned to entire “chat” keyword to ensure that people don’t hammer our servers into the ground with accidental DDoS attacks from chat scripts. You can work around it by naming the folder differently, but that doesn’t entitle you to host a chat script with us.

The only chat site we can allow is if you embed a third party chat widget into the HTML or Javascript of your site, so the messages themselves are never transferred to or through our servers.

File sharing scripts are not welcome because they use excessive disk space and bandwidth.

Please understand that we provide a free website hosting service. Chat scripts and file sharing require optimized servers and services to operate efficiently, and we don’t have systems like that. And we cannot afford to give everyone the server space to run such sites inefficiently.


I use Firebase to securely transfer chat messages, so there is very little strain on your web traffic and the javascript files I have running are minimalistic. If my small Linux server can run my chat website with little database queries, I am sure that you’re servers will be able to handle it. I also have database rules within my Firebase realtime database that prohibits SQL injection and DDoS attacks. https://kollagespace.com is a file viewing website but doesn’t rely on your servers for handling. No messages or files will ever be transferred to or through your servers. I believe Firebase counts as a 3rd part Javascript source since I only load external sources. Thank you for your help.

If the chats are handled directly by Firebase, you can host the site here. However, please note that the chat keyword is still banned to prevent people from uploading actual chat software to our servers. But if you rename it to talk or something else, you shouldn’t have any issues with that site here.


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