Htdocs permission denied



Error Message

Error during FTP change directory, permission denied at: “/htdocs”.

Other Information

When i am clicking on htdocs folder to open or for any activity, it is showing this error.
Why this happend and how to solve this.
Please help.

This seems to be an CHMOD issue.
Well will you exactly produce the steps to the error?

Like opening cPanel,
Folder blabla etc
Permission denied!

Have you appropriate Read permissions?

I checked the account, you changed the permissions of the htdocs folder to 000, which means nobody can access it or make changes to it, including you.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this. Your best bet is to remove the domain from this account and create a new account with the domain.

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What the hell 000 is deadly!

Yeah, the devil of UNIX permissions.

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Yup. Maybe some one from the staff of iFastNet may help?

Yeah, as far as my linux knowledge goes, you need root to change it back, but if it’s an empty folder, there is no use, especially as nmap says, there is no remote ssh access, only onsite

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