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hey, am not able to access my website’s source code through cpanel as the htdocs is empty !
i don’t think it’s a chmod problem. i found this thread and it describes my problem but doesn’t include a solution ? Empty directory

Additional information:

Your site works well for me. And when i right click and press view page source in the browser the source code shows up. Did you fix this?


Please double check which htdocs folder is associated with your site. If you added this subdomain later on, you’ll find it’s files in the folder


it’s true that i’ve added the subdomain later , i enitialy had a domain “” .
i thought maybe since both of the domain and the subdomain led to the same website, then i can find the source code in the subdomain filemanager , but apparently it’s in the domain’s cpanel, now am wondering if i have created two hosting accounts for the same website, if so ? i want to delete the subdomain subscription and add it to the domain hosting account , if there’s a tutoriel that can help me please include it! domain hosting account : epiz_25360950 ** subdomain hosting account : epiz_25360757** thanks!

Domains cannot be assigned to multiple hosting accounts at the same time. The system prevents that from happening. You can check which domain names are assigned to an account by checking the Subdomains, Addon Domains and Parked Domains section in the control panel of the relevant account.

From those same sections, you can also add and remove domains currently on the account.

Through those tools, you should be able to control which domains are assigned to which hosting account.

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