.htacess wowonder

O URL do meu site é: https://careus.epizy.com


estou utilizando o wowonder no diretório Script todavia ao utilizar o .htaccess necessário para o funcionamento este por sua vez é excluído e mesmo tentando criar totalmente do zero apresenta o mesmo erro.
obs: realizei testes e o htaccess está no seu devido local

Translation by MOD:

The URL of my website is: https://careus.epizy.com


I am using the wowonder in the Script directory however when using the .htaccess necessary for the operation this in turn is excluded and even trying to create totally from scratch it presents the same error.
Note: I performed tests and the htaccess is in place

Hey, sorry but can you please say and post it on English? Cause English is the official language on this forum.

And please do not make a multiple topic with the same issue at the same time.

I already translated the topic; please check the translation out. I also deleted the duplicated topic, even though I had to split it to a separate topic, but I had to clean the forum up.

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BTW Wowonder may not be allowed here in InfinityFree because it contains chat scripts, which prohibited.

Wowonder is a complete PHP, heavy social media script (which contains chat scripts). I have no doubt that it would be blocked by security system. So, the problem may because of security system.


I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your message. I understand that there is some kind of issue with the .htaccess file, but I don’t understand exactly what the issue is.

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