.htaccess read only

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Changing item permissions failed with error: Error during FTP change permissions, file not found “/.htaccess”

his error occurs when using file manager. I cannot delete, edit or replace the /.htaccess file. I also have similar problems when using FTP.
The issue seems to be that the permissions for user, group and global are all set to read only and I cannot amend this. I have read similar issues to this dating back to June 19 but these seem to have been resolved and were relating to hosting volume vol1_6 but my hosting volume is reading vol6_1 so would seem to be a different issue. I would be really grateful for any advice to help me resolve this matter. Thanks

Which htaccess file are you trying to edit? Note that you cannot alter anything outside htdocs folder.


Many thanks, I think that is exactly what I am doing wrong.

Can you please read what it says at the top of the file? There is a… subtle… hint as to whether you should be editing that file.


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