Htaccess password error 500

Without htaccess password protection everything runs well and I can see my HTML website. But with password protection I get error 500. any ideas?

It sounds like the .htaccess rules you’re using are not accepted by the web server, so it responds with an error.

Where did you get these password rules from? Were they generated by our Directory Privacy tool?

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Hello Admin, thank you for the quick reply. The error 500 shows after I typed the username and password into the according fields. So it seems that somethings works, but as soon as I’ve typed everything in and pushed return, the error 500 appears.

I didn’t use the privacy tool so far, where can I find it? I will double check the rules and check the privacy tool and report back. :wink:

Seems to work now. Used the privacy tool this time. I think the problem in my .htaccess was the path that I used for the.htpassw file. Thanks for the help and Happy holidays

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