.htaccess not working

I’ve been using InfinityFree for a while, and I’ve never had this problem. I’ve worked on special error messages (Like 404 pages) and I’ve put them in the errors directory in htdocs. I put an .htaccess file in the htdocs with this:

ErrorDocument 400 http://mysite.com/errors/400.html
ErrorDocument 401 http://mysite.com/errors/401.html
ErrorDocument 403 http://mysite.com/errors/403.html
ErrorDocument 404 http://mysite.com/errors/404.html
ErrorDocument 500 http://mysite.com/errors/500.html
ErrorDocument 503 http://mysite.com/errors/503.html
When I go to a random site it sends me to the 404 page, but it just shows me this, which is not what I have:

Whenever I go to any location in that directory even if it’s not an actual file it just displays that, it doesn’t even redirect to the 404.html page. I’ve tried putting an .htaccess file in the errors directory and it didn’t fix it. Why is this happening?

Link of the page?

Is that error visible on the entire domain or just specific pages? Because if it’s on the entire domain, it could be that the corresponding htdocs folder is deleted.

Also, I would like to remind you that file sharing sites are not allowed on our hosting, and can result in the permanent suspension of your account. So please remove your music uploading script, or we will take it down for you.