Htaccess - Need all variations to point to https:// (non www.)

Dear InfinityFree,

I am currently experiencing issues getting 301 redirects in place to point all versions http:// and www. to “https://” (without www.)

In my .htaccess file I do not have error pages, not sure if they’re needed if I only have 3 sub domain pages

I also accidentally messed around with my Cname files a tiny bit, and have no idea how they are supposed to be correctly set up.

Please can you help, many thanks.

Best wishes,

We can’t help you if you don’t fill out the template.

Please provide your URL and your .htaccess code.



Are these forum posts delete-able? I don’t want to link the website properly if it’s public.

Please let me know if I can message it to you instead?

You can PM it to me by clicking my profile icon.


Thanks very much I sent you a PM.


http://www. domain.tld

The above all redirect to https://domain.tld. Try clearing your cache.

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When the domain is plugged in here as you may see yourself the redirects are not working still. - on this website is says I have no Cname records.

Please advise?

_acme-challenge.www is missing on my cName records however

_acme-challenge is still there with a destination

That website is going to be blocked by the system below, so it will not work properly.

And once the SSL is setup, you no longer need the CNAME records. Depending on your provider, it is recommended that you keep them there, but if it got messed up, its not a big deal, you will just recreate them when you go to renew/generate a new certificate.

Your site is all good and working, there is nothing that you need to do!


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