.htaccess is not suitable for Infinityfree and I need to know where to find the Infinityfree alternative method of controlling access to my website

I am used to using .htaccess and .htpassword. However, I remeber that Infinityfree has its alternative to this way of restricting access, but I cannot find where it is. Can anyone point me in the right direction please ?

.htaccess always worked fine for my purposes with my previous web host, but I understand that it is not compatible with Infinityfree. I need to have a means of preventing unauthorised people accessing the website and so if there is an infinity free alternative, it would be most appreciated to know how I do it.


In the meantime, I have now found the Directory protection on my Control Panel which essentially does what I want it to do.

However, it appears that I can add more than one ‘user’, and when I look by clicking on the “Protect” button, the screen lists the two accounts separately as I would have expected. But when I actually try to use the protection, I can only ever seem to be able to use one of them which is surprising.

What am I doing wrong or is it limited to one ‘user’ in reality per directory ?


What is your website name? Screenshot of the config?

The website is ‘northwestpassage.epizy.com’.

Here is a screenshot of Directory Privacy permissions.


The first User (Shermans) works. The second User (Bohm) does not.

Thanks for your help.

The .htpassword works fine in terms of appearing. We cannot help you if you just tell us the username. What I suggest is this: make another user on that with just test details (eg: username: ‘test’, password: ‘test’). If you share those test details with us, we can then see whether it works or not.


Thanks for your patience. I have done that now as you can see from the following :

In the meantime, I tried an experiment. Test with password Test worked fine, but the other two would not work.
So I added a fourth one : Test1 with password Test1. That worked fine. BUT Test with password Test no longer worked. So it appears that it is limited to just one, namely the latest User only.

I have tried the same by deleting Browsing History and deleting Passwords in Chrome in case somehow that was affecting it. But it makes no difference. Only Test1 now works, the other three do not.

I want to control the distribution of the content of this website (for obvious reasons) by giving specific people access rather than a blanket log-in and password. Using my own .htaccess file on my former web host, I could include in the .htpassword file as many users with separate passwords as I wanted to do without any problem. But I cannot yet achieve the same with Infinityfree. I must be doing something wrong.

Try this


Have you tried deleting the User and readding them, making sure you typed the password correctly?


You are a Saint ! That works indeed. So obvious it is almost cheating !

On the other hand, when creating my old .htaccess files I had to use software to produce a password each time to add to the .htpassword file. With your method, the Infinityfree Directory Protection is less work because the password is encrypted automatically. All I have to do is therefore to combine the various passwords into one file in the way you have suggested.

Thanks. It is such a relief.

A big thank you also to TigerMANEK426 and to Yellow_Pikachu for their suggestions. We ended up with a good result in the end. I hope it may be of use to other members in the future. :grinning: :partying_face:

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You are welcome

You shd thank Admin instead. I merely forwarded the right link…

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