How would i make a live chat with html js css,

I really want to make a live chat so could i please have the code thank you it would help loads and loads
from me

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We do not allow chat script to be hosted here.


You can’t make a live chat with HTML, JS and CSS only. Any live chat system needs a server component. Most live chat systems transfer the messages through the server, although I guess you could use WebRTC with peer-to-peer communication to send the messages directly to the other participants. But even then you’ll probably still need a server component to setup the initial conversations.

Looking at your message more closely:

Do you want to make a live chat or do you want to have the code? If you want to make a live chat then you have to make the code too. If someone gives you the code, then that’s equivalent to using an off the shelf solution.

And copy-pasting code from a tutorial doesn’t count as “making” anything in my book.


You can’t create a live chat with only HTML, JS, CSS; You would need to work in the backend with some backend language like PHP and work with database.



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