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How can I make a forum site like this one? I rlly need one…

This forum site uses Discourse
You’ll need a VPS or Dedicated Server for it


@keandrenelson1 Don’t Lose hope You can use invision community that’s what Linus Tech Tips Forum Runs on and it is great. and best part it will work on shared hosing.

wait a minute does this mean that this forum isn’t hosted on infinity free?


You know how much the script costs?

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It is hosted in DO

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I recommend freeflarum. Use cloud flare to set up the cnames (instead of naming it CNAME, name it your sub domain (example: Name forum Content: you need to create the sub domain through infinity free first and add it through freeflarum’s website (not your forum)


Discourse’s recommended installation method is with Docker using their own launcher script. So yeah, you need a VPS or dedicated server to host it.

The way Discourse is operated is a bit clunky, but it works for the most part, and it gives you the best forum software in existence right now. Most other software is just the same bulletin board concept from 20+ years ago refined. Discourse is the forum re-imagined for the current decade.

As far as cost goes, Invision Power may actually be more expensive in the long run. Discourse itself is free and can be run on a €3 per month cloud server at Hetzner. InvisionPower Suite Core + Forum cost $200 for the initial license and $25 per six months afterwards. And then you still need to get web hosting, and pretty beefy hosting at that to run it properly.

We used Vanilla Forums before, which is free and can run fine on a small web hosting package. But then you do get software which isn’t nearly as good.

Just a full disclaimer: none of our own core sites are hosted on InfinityFree. We provide free hosting, which is primarily suited for personal testing sites with low traffic where performance and reliability is less important. Our own sites are high traffic production sites, which you just cannot host here.


oh ok I didn’t know that

This is really useful thanks for letting me know!

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