How to write code for .htaccess file

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I had uploaded some static pages and php script in file manager of my domain but getting this error whenever I access my website. How do I solve this error, also .htaccess file from my domain was deleted accidentally and I don’t know how to create new one and write rules



The .htaccess file in the root is gone? In that case, you will probably need to create a new account.

That’s not necessary. The .htaccess files in the root folder does some cosmetic stuff, your website will work perfectly fine without it. You can just forget it was ever there.

A .htaccess file is just a file called .htaccess. .htaccess rules are just lines of text in that file.

If your script requires .htaccess rules to work, you’ll need to reupload that file. If you added any rules yourself, you’ll need to recreate those too.

But if your script doesn’t need rules and you didn’t create any yourself, you probably don’t need a .htaccess file.


I do not have taken any backup of my .htaccess file and the file is now deleted so how can I download a fresh one.

no the .htaccess file in htdocs folder is deleted

Just create a new one within the file manager

I have to create a blank file with name .htaccess or have to write something in it

Leave it blank for a start

okay thank you so much for your support

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