How to verify your website in Google Webmasters

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:


Additional information:

I don’t know how to DNS record verify my account on google sears console anyone an idea?

DNS records are not possible unless you use cloudflare. Cloudflare does not allow subdomain unless you use cloudlfare enterprise.
But there are other methods to verify.
Use URL method, not domain method.
Then select file verification or meta tag verification. Then follow the steps provided.


We’ve also written an article specifically about this. Like the banner at the top of the forum says, many common questions have been answered already in our knowledge base:


Install RankMath on your website. It’s a free plugin for SEO. It will help you verify your domain. I have verified my domain using RankMath

It didn’t work for me. Even there was not such an option available. I had to use RankMath to do this.

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