How to verify my domain in google search console

I can’t find anything that does help me find the problem in this empty message. Can you please post your problem, instead of posting an empty message?

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See html file method here Verify your domain with a TXT record - Google Workspace Admin Help


in addition, be sure to include the last slash in the address
an example http://mydomain.xy/

if you use https - then the address must be https not http


Hi! Good day!
I have the same issue with google search console verification and as I read some questions and comments I learned that the does not support TXT file (correct me if I’m wrong), I now have the html file from google console verification page, can you please help me on how to upload the file to Cname record?or any other way to verify my google search console? Thank you.

You need to upload the HTML file of GSC to htdocs/ or yourdomain/htdocs, overwriting yourdomain with your domain if you added it another time to let it work, with a FTP client or the File Manager, and then click on “Verify” on the Google Search Console verification page to verify that you uploaded the HTML file correctly. If you did it correctly, then you will be verified in GSC. Also, I would remind you that uploading files in CNAME records is not possible, because CNAME records should have only a valid domain, not other things.


Thank you so much!
I have another question, if I verify my domain with google analytics will it automatically verify with google search console too?

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Yes, it will. But make sure your HTML pages have the gtag.js tags added on the head tag!


Okay thank you, this really helps me a lot.

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Thank you guys the issue is resolved

There is a method to add Domain Property, not URL prefix.

Visit to verify your website using CNAME records:

  1. Click “Add Property”
  2. Click “Alternative methods”
  3. Choose “Domain name provider”
  4. Click “Add a CNAME record” at the bottom
  5. For the domain name provider choose “Other”
  6. Add the CNAME record in control panel
  7. Wait for a few hours, then click “Verify”
  8. Go back to Google Search Console, (if successfully verified) your domain name property should appear