How To Verify Domain Property In Google Search Console Using Infinity free

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I am writing This to ask a Question from community That can I verify my Domain Property In Google Search Console Using Infinity free. I am not talking about URL prefix, talking about Domain Property. Is there Any way That I Can Verify My Domain Property.
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I’m not sure, but I think that nowadays you can do this. Google can do DNS TXT record verification, which you can setup through the SPF Records section in the control panel. But I think you can also use CNAME records for validation, which can be setup through the CNAME Records section.


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Could you please tell me about this in a little depth that If Goto CNAME Records and Paste the txt given by search console So then my website verify or not

The CNAME records section is only used to setup CNAME records. TXT records can be setup through the SPF records section.

If you want to use the CNAME records option, you need to select the CNAME record type on the second step in the DNS instruction window.

This article from Google has more information about the TXT and CNAME verification options: Verify your site ownership - Search Console Help


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