How to verify domain ownership via DNS record?

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My website URL is:
غو كيبورد عربي | لوحة مفاتيح

Is it possible to pointing my domain to hosting with A records and verify site via DNS TXT record for google console?

Yep, it is possible.
It already correct. Then just wait until it fully propagated.
You can check it in here:

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Propagation gives green results, but how it works and TXT records not supported as mentioned by Admin!

Have you click verify on google console?

TXT record is not supported if you use default DNS management from the hosting side.
But you use DNS management from your domain side (Freenom).
You can use other DNS management service that support other records after add your domain to your hosting successfully.
Example other DNS management service: CloudFlare, CloudNS, FreeDNS Afarid, etc. (include default DNS management from your domain provider).
But you must pointing A record to your hosting after you change its NameServer to that service, so files in your hosting can be accessed.

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The site was verified by google console, what is remaining is pointing domain name to my hosting!

I used CNAME record as mentioned here but testing site after that didn’t output home page of it.

I assumed that you already add your domain to your hosting before & exist in addon domain list on your hosting panel.
Then just copy your hosting IPv4 from that tool result & paste to your domain A record on your domain DNS management.

I thought your domain A record from your first post picture already correct & pointing to your hosting?

did you success to apply similar example? I use Freenom

Yes. I often set up many domains.
This is the example: Website not secure? - #5 by adisp007

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