How to use Wordpress with CloudFlare plugin


Already installed WordPress using Softaculous.

Already installed CloudFlare plugin. When entering setting (after API key is correctly entered), it just says:

“It looks like your domain is not provisioned with Cloudflare. Please continue to Cloudflare to secure and speed up your website.”

Take note that I am using subdomain.

I cannot add subodomain to my CloudFlare right? Also can not add domain since I did not own the domain, right?

So how to solve this?

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Note: I am planning to use my own domain later. that will be story for later. But again I am seeing contradiction since my domain is using CloudFlare and DNS name server provider and Infinity Free is asking me to set Infinity Free as DNS name server provider. So I am just planning to do name redirect at the moment. Hence trying the above first!

You can’t use subdomains that provided by hosting elsewhere but the hosting, there’s no nameservers per subdomain, so it’s actually impossible I guess.

So it is impossible to use Wordpress CloudFlare plugin with Wordpress installation in InfinityFree?

Actually I am exploring adding my own domain to InfinityFree just now. Let say my domain is . I can indeed have subdomain.

But again, the question is how to use Wordpress CloudFlare plugin if I install WordPress at

And base on answer above, this is impossible.

Any work around?

On my experience, integration panel with cloudflare was breaking up subdomains and they didn’t work, you can change nameservers to cloudflare(without removing domain from vPanel!) and it will work fine, but you’d be responsible for your DNS settings, learn more about this in Knowledge Base

will try that!

The important part to note is that Cloudflare is something which is configured on the domain name level. You can let Cloudflare manage that for you by using their nameservers, or let us manage it for you by using the Cloudflare integration in the control panel.

The Cloudflare WordPress plugin can help you manage some Cloudflare settings, but it only works if Cloudflare is already set up on your domain. Cloudflare cannot be set up through a CMS installation, because it needs to be configured for an entire domain.

@Admin so basicly I dont have to use CloudFlare wordpress plugin but just use the site “Cloudflare integration in the control panel” right?

Is the “Cloudflare integration in the control panel” automatically configured? Because when I try to use it by clicking “Alter” it will give me “Currently Disabled” and then I have to click “Click to enable” to get it back to initial state.

But then i get this error

“CLOUDFLARE ERROR : Sorry there was a problem activating cloudflare for this domain or the email address [email protected], this is normally caused by the email address or domain name already existing on the cloudflare system.”

And yes, [email protected] already registered to cloudflare.

@MrJunior thanks for the tips. I even found your previous thread and read about it.

Will give it a try!

I am referring to @Friendifie-Inc reply in this post.

When establishing your primary domain ( on Cloudflare you have to have your domain providers Name Servers set to InfinityFree’s Name Servers and

After you go through the Cloudflare settings to establish your primary domain ( then you go back to your domain providers Name Servers and change them to the Name Servers provided by Cloudflare.

Will try this soon