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Username: epiz_31150240
Domain Name:

I’ve just signed up for this free domain name and would like to use it Google Workspace and/or Microsoft 365. Is this possible and if so what is the TXT or CNAME record that I need to enter into Workspace or 365 for verification?

When you signup, you will find a guide to add records with what content. So signup for the service first. You can use MX Records and SPF Records (TXT) for verification in vPanel.

Thanks for the quick response but I’m sorry but I don’t understand. Where in InfinityFree is vPanel? I want to use the domain name in Google Workspace and I need that domain name’s TXT or CNAME record in order to do so.

You can find it in your client area. vPanel is the control panel (didn’t know you were really new!)

Sorry, yes I am really new to both Domain Names and InfinityFree. In the control panel I can find sections that give me the option to add SPF and CNAME records but not one that gives me the content of those records for the free domain name provided by InfinityFree.

You will get those content from gsuite or office 365.

That’s the wrong way round, I want InfinityFree to provide the TXT or CNAME content so I can enter it into Google Workspace. I can’t use Google Workspace without providing it with a domain name etc.

I think you got it wrong. Perhaps you should read this

I doubt it is possible for free subdomain. Only custom domain will do


Free domains have worked with office 365 for me in past.

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