How to use self signed SSL

How will work the self-signed SSL certificate on a site?

This is more meant for custom domain that uses Cloudflare at the same time (full-mode SSL)


Self signed certificates are great for testing web features that require https or should use https but aren’t ready for production mode yet.

Since self-signed certificates are almost never trusted by any browser system, you typically have to add the self-signed certificate to the list of trusted certificates your browser accepts (present on only your local machine). Again, this is great for testing things that require https, like notifications (I know at least chrome only allows notifications over https).


P.S: I have a subdomain, how can I use it?

You have to make a record for that subdomain. Instead of typing β€œ” into the record for the website you want to make a C-Name for, type in β€œ” (replace the β€œ” with the name of your website).


Thank you

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