How to use my professional emails with free account?


I currently own 5 domains with I changed all the nameservers to point to infinityfree and it works successfully! I’m impressed!

Now, I would like to move all my professional emails [email protected] to be able to receive and send messages with infinityfree.

I’m a software engineer and so don’t be afraid to get technical with me.

Do I need to change MX Records or configure SMTP with Gmail?

Please advise on the best thing to do.


Yes, take note free hosting does not come with email.


Hey there!

You mentioned that you want to “ move all my professional emails”. I take this as you already had custom email setup, but it no longer works, is this correct?

But yes, you will need to find and configure an SMTP provider (Like Gmail) and connect it your account here. The directions to do so differ depending on your provider.


Here’s how I did it:

  1. Sign up for CloudFlare and add the domain.
  2. Apply for and configure Cloudflare’s free email routing.
  3. Go to outlook and get a free email. Enable 2FA and generate an app password for mail.
  4. Follow this guide to add the custom email to your outlook account.
  5. Credentials:
  • username: your email
  • password: the generated app password
  • from email: the alias you added to your outlook email.

There’s a way to do it with gmail, but it is longer, more complicated, and I cannot remember it. Plus phone typing is hard.



Thank you so much for your reply! Everyone is so helpful here!

To answer your questions :
I take this as you already had custom email setup, but it no longer works, is this correct?

Yes, I already had custom email setup with hosting services and now it no longer works, correct. They were using roundcube for email interface just like infinityfree.

How do I configure an SMTP provider and connect it to my account HERE?

Please point to the tutorials :slight_smile:


I will be using Gmail for simplicity purposes.

So Google Workspace? Google does not provide custom domains for free (But they do provide a free SMTP service).

Do you want to pay a monthly fee or do you want to find a free alternative? If you don’t want to spend money, I would try using Cloudflare (You will have to join a “waiting list” and it may take a few weeks to get accepted, but after that its smooth sailing).

Or you can go the route @wackyblackie suggested.


You may use improvmx for custom emails. It will route all emails to [email protected] to your provided gmail address. Improvmx services are free. After this you can use smtp with gmail to send emails from these aliases.

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