How to use cloudflare

Yeah, I don’t have that. Only the link icon, the three dots, and the Reply. I guess I’ll assume it’s a probationary thing.


Sometimes this does mess thing up with InfinityFree, but for the most part you do want it proxied.

If it’s not user the three dots (tap the three dots), you may not be a high enough “Trust Level” to edit your posts.


To answer your first question:
When you set things up like email, or you need to verify your domain, you might need to add DNS records. If you don’t know what to add, don’t add anything, as DNS is mostly used by expanding the use of your domain.


Thanks Greenreader9!

So I guess I don’t understand why the OP said to click the cloud til it turns gray. I guess I’ll try it proxied and see if it works.

That must be it.

Gotcha. Like the ImprovMX record I need to add in order for my mail forwarding to work. Thanks again!


And the one I’m adding right now for the SSL cert.

Awesome! Let me know if you need any help.
Good Luck!


It’s going great! Thanks so much! Your help has been awesome!

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Actually, this won’t mess up anything. I believe he was referring to greying down that cname record because if you want then your site will be messed up.

Shouldn’t it be like adding A record to the IP address appearing in vPanel?
At first look, I thought you are saying to point the main domain to the main domain until I read the admin post clarifying that your_main_domain must be replaced with the sub-domain of infinity free to which the account is assigned.

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When I make changes to my site in File Manager, will it update my website automatically? Or will I need to change my nameservers to InfinityFree every time I make a change, then back to CloudFlare,

No, you will have to wait for caching (each browser is different, but you can always clear the cache)

Nope, just upload and wait for the changes to take effect!

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Also note Cloudflare caching. Cloudflare caches things too, that’s what most of their performance benefits are about. You can clear the cache in Cloudflare.


Ok. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi. I want to add my website with subdomain per CFs panel but its said: “Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g.,, not”

You cannot add subdomains to Cloudflare. If the main domain is on Cloudflare, any of it’s sub-domains are protected as well.

You also need to add a CNAME record with your subdomain’s name as ”name” and @ as ”target” on Cloudflare’s DNS page for your domain after clicking on “Add Record”.


All these records will be added in DNS otherwise this will not work. In my case, my website doesn’t redirect to https.


Yes, the records have to be added in the DNS section. For HTTPS, please follow the HTTPS section at the bottom of the linked guide below. If you still need help, please open a new topic.



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