How to upload videos that are more than 20 MB

Because InfinityFree limits the video size sharing, here’s a solution that i found for those who doesn’t want to reduce their video quality to change the file size:

  1. Go to and upload your video

  2. Into your uploaded video link, click on “Links” and copy Direct Link code

  3. Change your video code source (src) to the Direct Link code

  4. Save and open or reload your site

And that’s it. I hope that this helps to anybody who wants to show their videos locally without using YouTube or any other content platform to share then. Cheers.


As this does not help users upload the content to InfinityFree, but instead provides an alternative, it has been published as informal.

Also, it’s a much better idea to upload the video to a site like YouTube or Vimeo, so you don’t have to worry (as much) about the video getting restricted or deleted.


Yes. But this is made for those who doesn’t wants the play icon or the video title appearing in the IFrame. So here im making it more easy for then to share it into a video file sharing website that doesn’t contain all of that i mean.

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Ok buddy


I’ve never had a problem with videos getting restricted in all the years I’ve used YT, across my three channels. What do you upload that gets hem mad at you?

I added a note up there anyways.


I have seen a fair amount of videos get restricted due to false copyright claims, that is why.


YouTube does indeed suffer from false copyright claims (and their “guilty until proven innocent” mentality where the burden is put on the uploader to file a counter-DMCA with all their private details instead of the anonymous accuser is problematic), but unless you have some crazy stalker, these cases are rare and usually target more popular YouTubers (to maximize the damage caused).

@IC3k1ng the website you linked seems interesting; they seem to have a 48MB limit on images, but mention no limit on videos, and nothing special about a deletion policy (they don’t mention if they delete inactive videos, for example). I’m quite surprised; do you know how long they’ve been around, and how they’re able to provide those services? I found a Twitter from 2010 that says video support was added in 2020…


Woah. For images you can try other sites like ImgBB or IMGFZ. Their image size are not limited.

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