How To Upload TXT DNS Record

In The CPanel I Didn’t See The Option To Upload Or Make A TXT Record Is There Any Workaround From This? And If There Is A Tutorial Please Reply It To Me.
Or Maybe If I Use CloudFlare And Change NameServers And Upload TXT Record But Will It Affect The Epizy NameServers? Hmmmm I’m Confused.

It won’t affect our nameservers, but if there are non-complete or non-correct records, you need to correct them by following this guide:

First, delete all DNS records currently in the Cloudflare’s DNS page. Then, you’ll want to add the following DNS records:

  • CNAME record with name @ and the target being your account’s main domain. How to find your main domain.
  • CNAME record with name www and target @ .
  • MX record with name @ and target (to receive emails).
  • An additional CNAME record for every subdomain. So if you have a subdomain “blog”, you need to add a CNAME record with name blog and target @ .

I’ll Try.

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But Aren’t There Option To Use CloudFlare Inside The CPanel?

There is an option to do that, but that doesn’t include full cPanel DNS management (also TXT records management), and CNAME and MX records will be broken, seen that the integration is buggy. So to add other records, you will have to sign up to their services directly, and change the nameservers to their ones.

@Ergastolator1 Thank You Now I Have CloudFlare SSL And Full DNS Record Management.

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So @Ergastolator1 Everytime I Want To Addon Domain And Upload TXT Record On That Domain I Should Also Do This To The Addon Domain?

Yes, you should.

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