How to upload backup.tar file to Wordpress?

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Hi I’m trying to upload a ‘backup.tar’ file to my inifityfree account. I was told by my previous hosting company I need to just upload it to the ‘public_html’ folder but I don’t see this.

Can anyone help please?

Hi and welcome to the forum

public_html = here called htdocs

but be sure to read this


Hi the file is close to 500mb, so would I not be able to upoad it with filezilla? That is the problem when I try to upload it directly on filemanager.
Also on filezillla once I put in the information I keep gettting ‘Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivity’?? All the infomration such as ‘FTP’ Username/password/port is directly copied and pasted from the infitiyfree account information area

You can extract backup.tar locally then upload via ftp.
That should work

This is normal. If you are able to connect to ftp server, you may proceed to upload the extracted files


How do I extract the backup.tar?

Thanks for all your help btw, sorry bit of a newbie

if you don’t have archiver extractor tool/software, then install it


win10 and 11 have support for tar, but you need to do it via the command line

Extracting files


Ok. I’m getting the following error on filezilla:
Recieved error; 530 Login authentication failed
Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

I’ve tried this and it doesn’t work:

and also this:

Still getting the error message

Password is wrong. Make sure you use the account password in the client area. It is different from your InfinityFree password.

If that does not work, click “Edit Settings” on the account page and change the account password. Open the control panel, wait a minute, then try connecting again


Problem solved.

@Oxy @KangJL

Thank you all for your help and patience.

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