How to upgrade from profreehost?

Hey, I own and it’s hosted on

In the footer it says it’s powered by iFastNet.

Isn’t that belonging to Infinityfree too?

How can I upgrade from profreehost to IFastNet?


ProFreeHost and InfinityFree use the same backend (By iFastNet), but our client area’s are different.

To upgrade to iFastNet premium, visit iFastNet Premium Hosting - InfinityFree and choose a plan. When your account is created, follow the guide below (It also applies to ProFreeHost users):


I purchased directly from iFastNet and didn’t know there’s a way to upgrade
Please at least I want to be able to transfer my website (including the domain) and the sub domains too!

Please read the article I linked above



Thanks my dude!
I hope it works!
Infinityfree is dope, saved my poor life!

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