How to update my existing website?

So I have my website up and running, but it’s not finished yet. So I went back and add more contents and stuffs to my website in localhost using XAMPP. The complete website is finished.

BUT, how do I update/upload my contents in the “real” website, so that people can come and visit the new contents? Do I have to import wp_admin, wp_includes, etc… again using FileZilla (cause thats how I use when I first upload my unfinish website).

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You’re right - you have to do it all

Or find some plugin for WP that will do it for you
(it’s possible that you will have to edit the DB and where it is
specified “localhost” you should edit this value with the appropriate data for this hosting, and check wp-config.php)


Alright! Thank you so much for your support!

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Transplanting the database and the wp_contents folder should be enough. All the other files are WordPress core code, which should be the same across your local and live site if they are running the same WordPress version.


Ah, I see, I will try wp_contents + the dbs. If that doesn’t work, I will transfer all of them

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