How to update DKIM record through control panel?

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I have setup my domain and now I am setting up my email. I have updated Mx record and SPF record in CPanel. However, my email service provider also recommends to update DKIM (DKIM - DomainKeys Identified Mail) record in my DNS provider record. However, I do not find place to add TXT record for configuring DKIM. I am supposed to add following 1) Record Type : TXT, Host : ._domainkey, TXT Value : As provided by email provider.

You can’t set up other TXT records outside of SPF on free hosting, unless you use your own nameservers.


Change your nameservers to cloudflare nameservers or use cloudfare as your dns manager. This can edit or add all kind of dns also with free ssl https.


Thanks for providing the clarity

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Thanks @katufo I will check Cloudflare way.

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