How to transfer one account to another

I want to transfer my one account to another my first account it mean domain was deleted so I created another account how to transfer it

Thanks thanks in advance

If you have FTP access to the suspended account try this →

  • Login via FTP (username, password, port and server that is in the main panel of your InfinityFree account) with FileZilla.
  • Create a folder on your desktop called for example “Copy of my website”.
  • Drag the “htdocs” folder from your server to the folder you created.
  • And you wait for the whole website to download into your folder. Not only the “htdocs”, any directory you have on the server works too.

And once all your website files are transferred to the desktop, you drag and drop all that content to another new account.


if u are using wordpress you should download database if u don’t download it you will get a error named establishing database connection

Thanks you

Thanks you I have created the backup


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