How to transfer old domain name to new domain name

The .ml domain name cannot be used. I don’t know how to transfer the blog hosted by the department to the new domain name. Can someone tell me how to do it?

Do you have any other domain names you can use? You can also get started with a free subdomain.

You will need to add the domain via parked domains.


I also have a domain name, it has been resolved into cloudflare, I just went to look at the function, it needs to change the dns server, can I not it

In short, the process to switch to another domain name works like this:

  1. Add the new domain name to your hosting account: How to add your own domain to your account
  2. If you didn’t add the domain as a parked domain, move the files from the directory of your .ml domain to the directory of your new domain.
  3. If you were using SSL certificates, you’ll also need to request and install a new SSL certificate for your new domain. SSL certificates are tied to domain names, so you cannot reuse the certificate for your .ml domain.
  4. Update your website configuration to use the new URL. What (or if) you need to do something depends on how your website is built. For WordPress it’s this:

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