How to transfer a domain name

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

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Transfer to other registrar or?

Or do you mean this

InfinityFree doesn’t offer domain registration services, so you can’t transfer a domain name to us. If you’re still looking for a good domain registrar to use, I can highly recommend NameSilo.

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I am confused here but I already have purchased a domain with godaddy and just like to change it with a nameserver… Do you provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space? Can we host two websites?

I have added the nameservers but must I wait before creating an account? I tried to create an account but it can’t find my domain name…

For the first message, the response is: Yes, they provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space and you can host many websites as you want, but it even has INODE limits, CPU limits, RAM limits etc. So if you’re hosting a big website, that has 12000 INODEs (files and folders), you’re almost to the limit.
For the second message, the response is: Sometimes you need to wait 24 hours before the domain can be added. This is because the domain registrar caches the old DNS settings for a while.

Thanks for the reply but how would you check for INODE limits and CPU limits? Do then have a monitoring tracker? I don’t think I have that many files because I have a piano website and a medical one…

There is an image that explains all:

However, on my account, I have used 50% of the available inodes just because I have Matomo On-Premise installed on the htdocs of the subdomain and a phpBB forum on its subdomain.

Will this also affect how many customers we have? So I guess it doesn’t have unlimited traffic?

It has unlimited bandwidth, but you may need to install caching so that your visitors can access the websites quickly and don’t use those resources.

Do you guys also provide php assistance with our code here?

Yes; just post in the “Development Support” topic and we can try our best to help you with the PHP Code.

This sounds like a good forum! I will give this a shot but just thought I would ask as well… Do you know of any other unlimited free webhost with forum support? I am hoping that you guys will always provide free service because I was with viewen and they stopped providing free service, which is a shame…

I know ProFreeHost and X10Hosting with forum support, but on X10Hosting they respond rarely to the questions… So the best ones with forum support are this hosting and ProFreeHost, all based on the same clustered network of servers.

I also could be mistaken but someone told me that I could use my domain name such as instead of, is that correct? I don’t know why I was given this url instead?

Every affiliate of Byet Internet Free Hosting Reseller (even has a system that, after registration, activates the account with a subdomain. You can add the domain after registration by either the Addon Domains section or the Parked Domains section after pointing the nameservers to their ones (example with InfinityFree nameservers: and

I am confused now but isn’t the following your nameservers?

You can even use Byet Internet’s nameservers to add the domain. and point to the same IP address, so it’s OK, but nameservers are five and the free hosting reseller ones are two.

What do you mean by 5?

They have five nameservers, like these:,,, and
The other free hosting providers (like InfinityFree) provide only two nameservers, like these: and
If you try to add the domain with the remaining three nameservers of the other free hosting providers (like, and it may not work. Only the nameservers have records for the last three nameservers.