How to switch php version to 7.2

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As you can see by the lack of PHP 7.2 in the PHP version selector: you can’t.

Only PHP 7.4 is supported right now.


if you can then pls add. this will help more peoples.

No one can. iFastNet manages that, for now you have no luck, sorry.

@Admin have tried lots of free hosting sites but no one sites beat your site. Your service is best on internet.

hello Brother,
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You can PM me.

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We won’t add PHP 7.2. PHP 7.2 is end of life already, and while we still offer various old PHP versions now, we plan to remove it and the whole PHP version selection to begin with.

Running outdated software on our servers also puts our servers at risk of getting hacked, so the idea from now on is to only offer one, up to date PHP version. Whether you will then upgrade or replace your software, or upgrade to premium hosting where all PHP versions are available, is up to you.


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