How to submit support ticket?

Username epiz_27185866

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authorization fails

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My account got suspended yesterday (over 24 hours ago) because I typed my password wrong too many times.
The material I’ve read that it should automatically reset after some amount of time – some article suggest 9 hours, some 23 – but after 24 I should be clear?

I can logon to the IF panel, but anything from there fails due to authentication. I can[t logon to MySQL or File Manager. I tried FTP using FileZillan and it fails on authentication.

(I can still get to my WordPress account)

The doc says that for free accounts, I need to submit a ticket, but I haven’t been able to find a link that allows me to submit one.

Can you direct me to the “Submit Ticket” page or is there something obvious I’ve overlooked?

and TBH, getting a 24 hour suspension for typing my password wrong seems a bit harsh.

It depends what the suspension is for, generally, it is 24 hours. But if it’s something like abuse, you should open a support ticket.(You’ll only be able to if you need to)

:upside_down_face: The topic name…

Go to your client area on and on the hosting account that got de-activated, there should be a red button called “Submit a Ticket”. That should hopefully help you get in contact with staff.


ok thanks – my account shows as “Active”.

So I guess “24 hours” is just sort of a ballpark number?

I just tried it again. same results.

Guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

ok, I’m beginning to think the auto-reset isn’t working. My account is not suspended, it’s listed as “Active”, I can logon to the IF panel. From there, I tried to use File Manager. I know I keyed the pwd correctly – and I was able to verify it in the IF panel – but as the screenshot shows, it didn’t authenticate me. I tried again, the the “too many attempts” message – after only my 2nd attempt – and to try back in 5 minutes.

So I gave it plenty of time – now, 4 hours later, I tried again. still the same problem.

This has become very frustrating to have been locked out of my account for over a day and half when, to the best of my knowledge, all I did “wrong” was enter my password incorrectly too many times. I can understand locking someone out for 24 hours for exceeding usage limits – that’s would be to allow the system to balance itself and give that person time to adjust their settings… but this seems a bit extreme just for mis-keying a password!!

(actually, I didn’t miskey it, I used used the wrong password at the wrong time, but that’s neither here nor there.)

What worries me is that what should be an automated reset hasn’t worked correctly and unless someone can check on this, there’s no telling how long I’ll be locked out. What should I be doing?

I have screenshots, if you need “proof” but there doesn’t seem to be any way to attach them?!
update – figured out that “upload” means “attach”.


Hv you tried accessing file manager via VPanel?


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Just did – takes me to the same page, the same logon dialog.

I’m hesitant to keep trying, as I’m worried it will make things worse. Persistent failed attempts are could indicate a hack attack and the automated routines might decide I’m a risk and deactivate me.

I’m just guessing – all I know is that I’m locked out and after a reasonable amount of time there has been no automated reset. My account is active, but I can’t get to my content.

Maybe you can clr browser cache plus cookies, wait for a couple of hours.
Then access via VPanel again?

that’s a good idea. I try to run most pages in private mode, so clearing cookies is easy. I’ll give it a try.

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ok, tried it.

ERROR! FTP Authentication failed.

So no change. Coming up on 3 days locked out of my account because I mis-keyed a password too many times.

I understand that to manage so many free accounts, most of the monitoring and responses need to be automated, but I feel like I’ve fallen into some sort of special case that the automated routines didn’t anticipate and a human response is needed.

One more solution for you.

Goto Edit Account


Change your password

Lastly, access file manager with the new password?


Brilliant! That worked!

Thanks a million! :smile:


You are welcome

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