How to solve this problem

We cannot help unless you fill out the template properly

Most likely need to wait for DNS propagation…

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Please provide us your website URL

All I see is blank pages and 404 errors. So I would say your site is just very broken.

So to answer your question “how to solve this problem”, I would say clearly describe which site is yours, what is running on the site, what worked before, what did you want to achieve, what did you do to achieve that and what is the URL you see?



I check the response code and it says 200 - that means the PHP code did run well. There can be PHP errors, but none of them have caused the server to send the empty response.

But your WP doesn’t return a body and that’s why the homepage was serving as a blank page

If you are seeing the plain white screen with no email or recovery mode option, then you need to manually fix the error.

For a start you can try this:

If you can still access the WordPress admin area ( )
( I see the page is available but I just don’t know what happens after you login ),
then you can simply go to Plugins > Installed Plugins page, Select all the installed plugins and then select Deactivate under Bulk Actions drop-down.

If you don’t have access to the WordPress admin area, then you will need to deactivate all plugins via FTP.

First, connect to your WordPress site using an FTP client (e.g. File Manager from Client Area )
once connected, go to the wp-content folder where you will see the plugins folder,
right click on that folder and rename it to something like pluginX.

Test your website and use CTRL + F5 (clear browser cache)

Try the same with the themes folder

And if you find that the problem is in one of the plugins/themes
then you simply allow one at a time until you find the culprit.

If it doesn’t help and you haven’t wasted much time editing and creating numerous posts and sections in your WP
rather…that you have is actually a fresh WP then it may be much easier to uninstall everything and install again

Be sure to think twice before taking any action


I see it looks a lot better now

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