How to solve SSL Certificate keys mismatch error

Username (e.g. epiz_26262351 ) or

I am getting keys mismatch error while upload ssl certificate, i follow the instruction , every thing is correct with CName record and Request SSL certificate,

when i trying to install certificate, i copy it and paste in required area , then press upload , i got the error , keys mismatch and trouble in installing ,

So plz advice me , what to do next

Please give us a screenshot for knowing the error

Please read this article:

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Yes , I read it , and follow the same instruction step by step, whatever written in this article,

Try to read this topic

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The error couldn’t be more simple, You have mixed up something or another, Ensure and check with the SSL provider that you have the correct files


yes , i think it works , doesn’t have have same massage again , i just delete then copy again and paste it private keys then upload, and after that
Copy Certificate and upload,
I don’t get same massage, i think it is upload correctly, just waiting to show in SSL certificate area

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