How to shift DNS to Cloudflare?

Hi, I want my site DNS ( & to be shifted to Cloudflare. How do I do that? I have already activated Cloudflare (from vPanel and personally).

Signup on Cloudflare, change your nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare and then your DNS will already be there.

I cannot find the nameservers. How to get them? I have signed up on Cloudflare.

Are you using a free domain?

Nope. I bought a domain

You can change your Nameservers via your Domain Provider’s control your panel.

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I know that but where do i find the nameservers in cloudflare??

It shows this…

Manually signup for cloudflare

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done. actually i did it many days ago tho…

Just be careful because I’ve used cloudflare and it has crashed my websites . Make a back-up before doing anything

Hmm, you should try to re-add your domain to cloudflare, then change your nameservers to which they want you to?
Adding Cloudflare through cpanel will leave your site DNS corrupted somehow.

@kf4bog i literally dont have anything…

@anon19508339 trying it…

Site down rn

ok. lets see. thanks @anon19508339

May i see your DNS settings in your cloudflare?

wait a bit it still didn’t connect to cloudflare but dns is active. odd.