How to setup of Zoho email with custome domain (New user)

Hey, I’m a new user and have found that as the webmail is already disabled (roundcubemail)
I need to use an external provider like Zoho.
Can someone guide me how to go about this?
PS: I read something about Mx records but not sure what to do first…?

Appreciate any help. Thanks!

Check this out…


I will, thank you!

Hmm… It looks to me that the person already had some background knowleadge of how to start which I don’t and it get confusing throughout the topic. Can anyone layout somethng like a step by step tutorial?

For Yandex, you need to sign up for Yandex.Connect. Register a new Yandex account and after that login to Yandex.Connect. From there you can add your domain. To verify domain, add mx record, spf record and CNAME within the VPanel. You can then set up your email addresses, that can be accessed by visiting the Yandex.Mail login screen

For more info, refer to below:-

Or this tutorial
Password= InfinityFree2020

Credits= @TigerMANEK426


Ok, so far I’ve followed the Zoho instructons, but the Mx and SPf records havent been updated properly.
The problem I think might be more complicated, as this domain was already assigned to a hosting I set up in google cloud…
It used to work well until I started with the process of transferring it to infinityfree…

So now when I entered my zoho mail control panel I found that the domain is already verified (which is normal since it was working well for the last months) and that the MX and SPF records are not correct. So waht I did was to add them here in my control panel in infinityfree and checked, but they are not verified…is this a matter of waiting or could there be a confilct with the old hosting (on Google cloud)?
I’m quite confused about it!

Pls show in screenshot:-

  1. Current nameservers used by your domain
  2. Mx record
  3. SPF record
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Yes, here they are:
Nameservers in my domain:

Mx record in the infinityfree cpanel:

SPF record in infinityfree cpanel:

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

If MX and SPF records are still not verified, pls try to delete from your mx record and wait…You may also need to remove


Now I see that the spf records are ok, but the mx are missing…
could it be that the DNs records I made in the domain provider are still in work and are interfering?

I jsut cant remember exactly what I did there in order o delete them…So here they are if it helps…

PS: I coldnt remove the


The DNS records on your domain provider are not needed once you switched to infinity free.
They are likely the source of your interference. You can remove the A records and MX records for a start…

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I did that and now its showing me that MX are verified in Zoho!

I got it to work well after following the zoho instructions. Thanks for your guidance, really appreciated! :slight_smile:

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