How to set up Zoho mail

I am having a lot of trouble configuring Zoho mail in CPanel, I would like a help to configure it correctly, and if possible, a link to a video lesson so that I will be following step by step to configure correctly.

I think you only need to add/change CNAME & MX Records to use Zoho Mail.

To add a CNAME record to verify your domain, just find CNAME Records menu on your hosting Control Panel (if you use InfinityFree nameserver (ns1 & for your domain).

To add MX records, find MX Entry menu:


So, I had done this, I added the CNAME record in the DNS CNAME, but when I put it to Zoho mail to verify that the note is correct, it gives an error as if I had not correctly added the CNAME and shows me other things to do the validation of my domain. I’ve been talking to some people here, and they asked me to add the Zoho mail HTML file to the root folder of the site, but I don’t know where that folder is.

When I try to do the DNS CNAME the following error appears
"CNAME validation failed

There are no CNAME records found for your domain.

We suggest that you add the recommended CNAME record ( or try other methods.

Find out more about the reasons for the failure ", and I added the note to as they described.

The quickest way is to validate your domain by upload the html file.

The root folder is the folder name “htdocs”

You can upload the html file into (inside) that folder.

For other method using CNAME, or TXT Record, they involve DNS. So, even if everything is correct, you may have to wait up to 72 hours for that to work, and try to validate again.


Thank you for your help. It worked here, but now I have another problem, I am not able to activate the MX Records of the email, I put it in the “Edit MX Records” but when I put it in the Zoho mail to check if the note is correct, he gives the following “No MX record found for domain” error.

I tried to delete a record that is in the MX by default from InfinityFree but it also shows error “Error # 459346986 Please contact support MX Records can not be altered on subdomains”, and Zoho asks to delete any records in the MX.

what should I do now?

Hi there!

Could you please provide your domain, so that we can check as well?

Could you also please share a screenshot of the “MX Entry” page in cPanel?

My guess now is that, if you already added the MX record in the MX Entry page, all you need to do is wait for the DNS to propagate. It may be few hours, it may also take up to 72 hours.
Then check again.

Please be patient.

About the default MX Record from InfinityFree, I have no idea. Sorry.

Maybe other members with better understanding will take a look and can give you answer.

If he is using original InfinityFree nameserver, this method won’t work because of this protection:

But he didn’t mention his domain, so we can’t check his domain nameserver.

What are your domain nameservers?
Do you use Cloudflare nameservers?
If yes, you must change it on Cloudflare dashboard.

About the verification, I’m not sure about Zoho.

But at least, I succeeded with using the html file method with Yandex.

So, I would not be surprised that Zoho can also validate our domain here on InfinityFree by the html file method as well.

Are you using cloudflare by any chance? Cloudflare disables security system and allows site be accessed through external sites.


Ah, I see.

I use CloudFlare.

So that is the reason why I could validate using the html file.

So, I was unable to configure the MX in InfinityFree, I was only able to verify my domain. Now, I managed to do the rest of the Zoho mail configuration on Cloudflare, in case I configured DNS for Cloudflare using MX, TXT … and I managed to configure it correctly, and now my email is working correctly. Thank you for your help!

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