How-to set up an email and log-in to webmail?

Hi, tech team,

thank you for reliable hosting of my

Can you please help me on how-to set up an email timesheet at

Email is not deliverable and I do not know how to log in at WebMail - roundcubemail)

Any advice appreciated.

I have set up the MX record on my domain, please check via mxtoolbox - as a new user I am limited up to 2 links per post.

You need to create a new email account on the system, with the username you’ve chosen and the password (the password must be of minimum 10 characters, and only letters and numbers are allowed). Then enter the Roundcube and login with the credentials you’ve chosen.

I have already and I updated my password to match the critaria., but still getting an error during log-in:

And this does not explain why I am getting:
Your message to [email protected] couldn’t be delivered.
timesheet wasn’t found at
stanislav.valasek Office 365 timesheet

Action Required Recipient
Unknown To address

I checked your domain’s MX records and it looks like you’ve configured both our mail server and a mail server from Mailgun, both with the same priority. Please remove the Mailgun mail server (or set it to a higher priority) and try again.

As for logging in to webmail, I don’t know why that doesn’t work. Please try to reset the password, and make sure you don’t use any special characters in the password because those are known to cause problems.

@Admin thank you for getting back to me. MX records updated. I have removed mailgun completely.
What else should I try?


Address not found

Your message wasn’t delivered to [email protected] because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.

The response from the remote server was:
550 5.1.1 <[email protected]>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table

Ignore the request. All set using E-Mail-Hosting | Sichere geschäftliche E-Mails für Ihr Unternehmen – Zoho Mail

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