How to set nameserver in wix to point out infinity

his there any other way to point out my wix dns to my infinity free domain

To connect your domain name with your InfinityFree account, you need to change your domain’s nameservers. We have some instructions on how to do that here:

To learn more about how to change the nameservers with your domain registrar, please check the panel, documentation and support of your registrar, as they know best how to use their systems.

Every good domain registrar allows you to change your nameservers. There are some bad domain registrars which don’t allow you to change your nameservers, but then you should just move your domain name to a good registrar instead.

so there is on other way like txt records cname ahost ??

There are ways to do so after you’ve added the domain to an account, but you must update the nameservers in order to add the domain in the first place. And even then, using third party nameservers should not be taken lightly, many people have broken their websites because of bad DNS settings.

sir, first its not about good and bad…its about what u provide as a service…in particular i think infinity free does not yet provide cname alias and other ways as godaddy hotgator wix and so many servers provide otherways to point out any other domain name…i m already using many dns without changing nameserver …instead of just changing txt records and cname…all other as per my experince like blogger godaddy and so on…thanks for nolthing

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