How to set custom page for users

Hello everyone, this is my very first time I ask a question in this community, I have host my website in InffityFree, it’s working fine, the only problem I have is to set my login page as the front page for all users, anyone who wants to open my website should see the login page only.

Hello, I don’t think this is hosting support, but the following tutorial helped me, and I personally use it on my website;


Hello, sorry for late reply, that is different, my problem is with the directory, if you go to on my page and type, you will get my config file you can edit it either.
i have htaccess file in htdocs, but still not working, my htacess is working when you type a wrong folder name.

I get a blank screen. I cannot view nor edit the config.php file
Here I moved index to index folder

my folders name as follows:
probably show you a blank page, but i don’t anyone see even that blank page, because I have htaccess file in htdocs.

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