How to send contact form emails

I have a yandex email account, and I need to make a contact form that sends user comments to my email address, but I can’t get the contact form to work even using smtp plug-ins, what can I do?

You can use PHPMailer class to do that, see what I found for you.

Send Email in PHP using Gmail SMTP - Phppot

Hope this will helpful for you :blush:.

Maybe our contact form example is a good starting point?



We need a lot more information from you to be able to give you a decent answer

You did not specify the address of your website (URL)
is it a domain or one of the free subdomains ? (with which some things are not possible) and let’s us see what kind of platform it is … WP or something else?

How did you determine that Yandex email is not working?
Did you try to send a message from another email to that address?
Is that business address you are sending to (something@yourDomain) ?
or a simple beginner yandex mail like [email protected]/ru ?

If you use business mail (example given above) then you need to add that user (email) to your yandex and be logged in with that acc to see the inbox emails

It may not be a problem in the form at all - the problem may be in the configuration of your domain to use MX, TXT (SPF, DKIM) and other settings required for yandex (business email).

In addition, Yandex is not fast sometimes and the message arrives after 30 min.


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