How to retrieve data

As my website( contains pdf files which are downloadable, in that case, I used method but problem is that anyone can know the location file and more than that if I have to change destination folder then I have to change every pdf file destination folder which is quite lengthy.I thought, retrieving data from the database(phpmyadmin) but I don’t know how to store files in phpmyadmin.So how can I retrieve the data?

Normally, a database is used to store (structured) data, not files. While you could use BLOB field to store files, it would be much slower and put much more stress on the servers (including your resource allocation on those servers). So I would highly recommend against it.

And because so few people do (and should) use MySQL for storing files, phpMyAdmin doesn’t offer file upload functionality.

Can you give me one example in code?

@download said:
Can you give me one example in code?

An example of what exactly? Uploading files to a database? I just said you shouldn’t upload files to a database, so I’m not going to help you to do so.

if you want to hide pdf loc. from ordinary people (no url in address bar, etc.)
you can use this PLUG

view the demo here by clicking on report*.pdf’s

thanks, Oxydac