How to restore a phpBB forum from a database backup

As result of outage, my phpBB forum has disapeared. I just got the BDD (mySQL). How to restore the forum from the BDD? As we must use softaculous, after the reinstall the forum launches itself, and it must not until modifying config.php to restore it, could you help me in that way? Thks.

BDD=mySQL database

Check the “restore” section in this phpBB article:

Googling “restore phpBB forum from database” also links to some forum articles which might help, but the general advice offered there is also to follow the process mentioned in the article I linked above.


Thank you! But I haven’t files backup, but just MySQL backup. I was told that it’s possible to rebuild the forum just from mySQL db if I configure config.php with proper values.

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If you don’t have the files you don’t need to restore them, just proceed with the process on a new installation. The guide to editing config.php is also linked in the article I shared above, but I’ll also post it here just in case:


Thkx! I found a way to rebuild it. I’ve just reup the forum files from the install pack and I’ve linked it to to the SQL DB, modifying the config.php file, everything is in order by now.


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