How to Resolve Namecheap server issues?

Please note that:

  • Email hosting is inherently not an instant protocol. There are many buffers, queues and polling delays involved in getting an email from one system into a particular mailbox.
  • I have no idea what “slow” means to you. If you’re lucky, it only takes a few seconds. But a few minutes is also normal. If the receiving provider uses greylisting, then a delay of 15 minutes is completely expected.
  • We are not involved in any way with your email hosting. Email delivery can be investigated by either the sending provider or the receiving provider, and we are neither.

If your email is slow to send, contact the email provider you use to send email. If the email is slow to arrive, contact the email provider you use to receive email.

If either of those say it’s a DNS problem (and can share evidence to back that up), then maybe we can help. But right now, I’m 99% certain that it’s not a problem on our end, and I’m 100% sure I have no way to actually verify that.

Come to think of that, if you are trying to send email from your website with us, please note that we don’t provide PHP mail functionality, and you’ll have to bring and integrate your own SMTP service to send email from your site:

But then email wouldn’t be “slow”, it would not work at all.